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Accident and Incident Report Guidelines

Posted by Ginny Barnard on 3/12/2017 2:58:28 PM

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Accident and Incident Report Guidelines


What constitutes the requirements for the submission of accident and incident report:

Any time a driver is NOT able to continue to race and/or transported to a medical facility. Also, anytime

that a person is injured to the point of needing the assistance or support of medical personnel.

Example 1 – a driver is involved in a wreck during a race and injures his elbow. If the driver is

unable to continue the race due to the injury.

Example 2 – A handler trips and falls in the hot chute and requires medical attention.

Example 3 – A child falls at the playground and cuts his hands and requires medical



Where to Find Forms and Get Further Information:

‐ All forms are located on the QMA Website, under the Documents section.

‐ If you need assistance, contact the QMA National Secretary.

‐ All QMA Club Officers and Regional Officers will be able to assist. See the QMA website or the

current Rule book for phone numbers and email addresses.

Procedures for completing and submitting forms:

1. All forms must be completed and submitted to the QMA National Secretary (secretary@quartermigets.org) within 48 hours of the incident or accident (if you cannot send them within 48 hours, please contact the secretary within that time to let him/her know about the accident).  Copies must also be sent to the Regional Director.           

2. The club Safety Director or club officer should complete the QMA Incident Report and the front of the K & K Oval Accident Report. The remaining pages should be completed by Handler/Parent of the driver.

3. When the forms are received by the QMA National Secretary, membership will be verified, documented and submitted to K & K Insurance.

 Important Information

‐ K&K is a secondary insurance, the member’s medical insurance will be primary or first payee, any

remaining deductibles would be covered by K & K.

‐ Claims not submitted completed to QMA and K&K within 30 days may not be covered.

‐ Any questions please contact the QMA National Secretary

‐ All Sign‐in sheets, safety sheets, waivers (1068, 1069, etc.) must be kept on file at the club level

for at least one year (suggested time frame is 3 years).  Your state’s laws may require that you keep these longer – sometimes up to 7 years.

Spectator Procedures

Any injury to a spectator (non QMA member) the above procedures MUST be followed, within 24 hours.


All forms are located at



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