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National Board Call 1/10/2017

Posted by Ginny Barnard on 4/20/2017 12:35:49 PM

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BOD Call  1/10/2017


Called started 7:00 cst


President -Denise Smunty                            Vice President Ė Michael Hughes

Secretary Ė Ginny Barnard                            Treasurer   April Hanson

Safety - Matt Hickox                                      Tech Ė  Jerry Mostek

Publicity Ė Kristen Spicola


Grands Item

Ginny asked if we have received anything from any of the grandís clubs yet. We need the following items to go over. Pricing for parking, track diagram, welcome dinner.

We need to get the calls set up with Central Ohio because they are the first grandís. We need to be sending out the grandís contract to the 2018 clubs to sign.

Kristen stated that her region uses  email me forms for grandís registration. If we want to use as a back up. They get 1000 forms for $199.00 per year. Ginny sounds like a great backup if we need it.

Orange Show

Orange Show came back to QMA. We are giving them a loan for their insurance. We are allowing their current  members to join QMA for free. Anything after April 1st they will have to pay for membership  Jerry was asking if we can offer Orange Show the States race. Denise stated told Jerry to keep her up to date on this.

Survey Monkey

Denise stated she had some good questions for the survey monkey. She is hoping to have it ready by Febuary  to put out to the members.

Dirt Spec tire committee

Denise had talked to Matt about heading up the dirt tire committee. She will be sending him the list of people that asked to participate in the testing. We have a four month time period to do the testing in. May through August will be the month that the testing will be done in.

New Chassis

Afco has a new design and it needs to be sent to Matt and Jerry for approval. Ginny stated we need to come up with an approval letter to send to the chassis builders and for our records. Matt stated he will get in contact with Afco on their car.

QMA Banners

Ginny asked if we wanted to get banners made for each one of our clubs. The two price quote I got was for 6 x 3. The price for 50 QMA banners would be $48.00 per banner. Kristen stated that it looked like the going rate for banners online.  Ginny will look into getting another price. The companies that Ginny checked with stated that if the clubs took care of the banners they should last 2 to 3 years.

Hall of Fame

We need to look at the hall of fame committee. We did put the National Board on that committee last year also. But we have people that are not even active on this committee. Denise stated that she feels they need to be active members to be on the committee.  We do have a Hall of fame page, but it has no link to it. Jerry stated, we also need to update the grandís plaques.

Dunlop Sticker

Jerry stated, we can allow the Dunlop stick to serve and the QMA sticker also. We did do that last year for a couple of the grands because they didnít get their QMA sticker. And this would be one less sticker that they have to put on their car. Everyone was in agreement.

Members that owe Clubs

Ginny asked about members that owe the clubs money from membership, etc. They would be considered a member not in good standing. Ginny motioned  that QMA doesnít accept any memberships when that member owes a club money once we are notified of the outstanding debt. April second the motion.

VP- YES, Pubilcity-YES, Treasurer- YES, Tech- Yes, Safety- YES, Secretary ĖYes

Web site

Art is no longer with us. Micheal is working with him to get up to speed on it. Denise feels that the website is boring. We need to look into a different front page and link to our current site. Micheal will get more information. Denise had talked to a member is has area and they will look into getting a price for creating a new site.

Honda Update

Denise stated she has not heard anything out of Honda as of yet. She will let us know as soon as she does.

Update on Rulebook

Micheal stated that the rule book is just about done to send out for the Bod to look at.

Facebook Page

Denise would like to start a Facebook page for the BOD, RDíS and Club Presidentís to share ideas.

Moving Bank Account

Go to a bank that we can do everything online. Denise, April and Micheal will get with the account and talk more with the account. Ginny asked if we was moving the savings account also. Denise feels we would move both accounts. Denise asked if they can look into it through.

Stay up to speed

Kristen asked to try to get articles to her before the middle of the week. She would like to be sure that the members get the newsletter same time each month.

Online forms

Ginny has been updating the forms online and we also need to look into getting the procedure manual done. Ginny asked Matt to look at the safety sheet out online and get it updated.

National Office

Ginny asked why Karen was still picking up mail out of that P.O Box when the key should have been turned in. Denise stated they  go there when Bill is in town. Denise stated that Karen is to forward everything she gets. Karen is opening the envelopes and then sending me what was in those envelopes. Denise will ask her to leave everything in the original envelope and send to Ginny.


Call ended 8:30 cst

National Secretary

Ginny Barnard

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