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National Board Call 1/19/2017

Posted by Ginny Barnard on 4/20/2017 12:42:25 PM

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BOD Call  1/19/2017


Called started 7:00 cst


President -Denise Smunty                            Vice President Ė Michael Hughes

Secretary Ė Ginny Barnard                            Treasurer   April Hanson

Safety - Matt Hickox                                      Tech Ė  Jerry Mostek

Publicity Ė Kristen Spicola


Denise thanked everyone for being on the call

Honda Sponsorship

Denise stated that Honda was planning on doing something. But at this time, they have no idea what as of yet. Michael and Denise have been talking looking at the idea of scaling back the speed king trophies. Do we want to continue on with what we have been doing for the last few years? Or scale it back to just the Honda classes or have one to have out as a special award for one driver. If we continue with all of them, then QMA may have to put some money put for the trophies. Ginny stated we need to look at what they are giving to each of the hosting club. Denise stated they may be looking at the same amount each grandís again with banners and maybe some product. We need to help promote them. April stated that everyone liked the speed king trophy. Denise stated that the clubs could give a first place trophy if they wish. Jerry stated that is not what the clubs was told. Denise still needs to talk to Honda further.

Michael will send Denise the Honda contract.

Honda needs to recognize what advertisement we are doing for them. Denise stated we need to educate the clubs how important it is to hang their banners. Ginny stated QMA has failed promoting our sponsors. Kristen asked about the videos that Honda does. Honda stated they could do videos, but QMA will need to pay some of the cost. Denise stated that they do want an announcer at each grandís for that $3000. 00. Ginny stated that the additional cost will be coming out of the QMA funds because that grandís money goes to that hosting club. Michael stated that it was a back and forth conversation on what Honda wants from us. Honda stated that they what more for their $3000. 00. Michael stated we had a 2 plus hour conversation with them.



Dunlop Contract

Dunlop contract Denise feels that the Dunlop contract needs to be on a letter head. Michael asked if the clubs received a Dunlop banner. Michael will follow up with Dunlop on club banners. We are still waiting on the last quarter check for Dunlop. Matt asked about the placement of the stickers. We will be using them Dunlop/QMA sticker. Their last conference with HPD with was wanting all three stickers on the cars. Denise will talk to Honda about their stickers. Ginny asked if the new contract will be sent to the board to look over first.

Western Grandís

Western Grandís logo needs to have the Dunlop and Honda logo on it. We are not sure about Honda at this time.

Denise asked how much lead way do we give a club on logos. Kristen stated we need to make sure that QMA major sponsors on it. Denise will let them know that they need the sponsors logos on the shirts.

Denise asked if anyone has heard from St. Croix or Ohio. Denise asked April to contact their clubs and find out where they are at on getting their grandís info.

Western Grandís fees

Denise feels they are in line with the other past grandís.

Kristen would like to have more info on fees for water. How many gallons for this fee

Ginny asked if the camper includes water and sewer fees. Denise will check on if they are going to include water and one dump.

Jerry thinks we need to tell them we donít need to be charged for fuel. Let them go get it themselves. Denise stated she has heard complaints about this as well. We all agree to tell them they cannot sell fuel.

Vendor fees; Jerry stated the vendor fee is too high. Ginny stated three hundred dollars may not seem a lot, but it takes a lot to make that back. Matt feels we are running people off with the vendorís fees. If we are not charging the vendors so much they could then donate items to help the club.

We need to look at rewriting the grandís contract and write in a max fee they can charge. Some clubs have no control over the camping fees because they are on a fair ground and the fairs grounds controls that fee.

Ginny has seen that they are bringing generators and asked if they were going to leave them running all time. Just wanted to be sure they were not going to be shutting them off.

Racing schedule Ė Jerry asked if they were holding to the 7 days. Denise stated that they were wanting to keep it at 7 days.  We need to look at the cost for our members for 7 days. People will not go because of the length. We need to look at the car count to determine the length.  We do not need that many days of practice. They could safety, sign and practice on one day. If we need to short it will be shortened from the front end, not the back end.

Michaels asked Denise to make sure to tell them thanks for getting their info in so fast.

Ginny asked if we were going to continue providing the grandís boxes to the clubs. Denise feels we need to email them info and send them a check for $100.00 and let them make up the box themselves.

Denise asked April to ask the clubs if they are ok with making up their own numbers if we send them the file.


Charters & Insurance

Michael stated, we have clubs that still have not paid their charter and insurance. We cannot find anything where Custom has  paid for insurance. We need to consider looking at this and see what we want to do to correct this. Custom has received a tire check for the last couple years. If they are a racing charter, then they really need to pay for insurance.

Orange show held their first points race. Ginny stated that she stays in contact with them almost weekly. And they are doing fine. Kristen was pleased to see them being on top of changing all their logo very quickly.

Denise will talk to Washington on their prices and schedule.


National Secretary

Ginny Barnard

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