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National Board call 2/3/2017

Posted by Ginny Barnard on 4/20/2017 4:03:23 PM

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National Board Call 


Submitted By

National Secretary

Ginny Barnard


Call Started 8:00 cst

Bod on call

President –Denise Smutny                Treasurer – April Hansard

VP- Micheal Hughes                            Secretary – Ginny Barnard             

Publicity – Kristen Spicola                  Safety – Matt Hickox           

Tech- Jerry Mostek                             


Denise asked if anyone has heard from Central Ohio or St Croix. Denise asked April to get a hold of St Croix and Central Ohio and see if they have their Grands information ready yet for us to look at and approve. Denise stated that Washington will be lowering some of their fees and they will get us a new pricing sheet.

Micheal stated that the rule book will be sent off to the printers on Monday. His goal is to have the book out to the clubs by March 1st.

Denise would like to look into other options for the 2018 elections. Denise has a list of people that stated they was interested in being on this committee for the national meeting.

The contract for the 2018 national meeting has been signed. She stated that some of the prices did go up. She will be looking at the price of the food and change the menu up a little so we have something a little different and getting that sent in. We will be having all Regional Directors and Board flies in on Sunday and leaving Wednesday and Thursday.

Ginny asked if THQMA had their track design done yet? Matt stated that do not have the layout done yet. He would send it to the board when it was completed.

Denise asked if anyone had anything to add to the Head RD  role before the next conference call next Thursday. She knows Michael and Tad have been working on it and if anyone would like to add something to it to get it to her or Micheal.

Denise asked if we all had a chance to look at what Honda had sent to us on what they're offering for each of the Grand’s events. She has been talking to Doug and has not talked Mr. Ricky yet. Denise stated that each one of these Grand’s Clubs will have a list that will need to follow to get their money from Honda. Ginny asked if they had sent that list so we can see it. And we as a board needs to all be on a call with Honda. Denise started as soon as she gets the list she will share with the board and she will not do anything without the rest of the board.

Ginny stated we are still having problem with the QMA mail being opened and placed in a different envelope and sent to me. How are we going to get this to stop. Denise stated she would talk to Karen about it and ask her to just forward the mail.

The call ended at 8:47cst

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