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National Board Call 3/2/2017

Posted by Ginny Barnard on 5/1/2017 11:48:31 AM

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National Board Call     3-2-2017

Submitted By

Ginny Barnard

Start Time 7:00 cst

Present on Call

President – Denise Smutny                   Tech – Jerry Mostek

VP – Micheal Hughes                             Safety- Matt Hickox

Secretary – Ginny Barnard                    Publicity – Kristen Spicola

Absent – April Hansard


Survey Monkey- Denise stated that the Survey Monkey was up and asked if we had taken the survey. Denise stated that we will close the survey March 24th. The survey at the end will give you the results of each question. We will close the survey March 24th.

Membership- We need to create a membership list each year for historical records. We will need to print the report Oct 31st  due to anyone that joins September 1st goes for the following year.

An update on the website -  Denise asked Kristen updating the front page of the website. Kristen stated that  LTTF can get us up and going in a week or so. We also have my race pass interested in giving us a proposal and they are interested in attending the grands. My race pass should be getting the price quote to Kristen in a day or two. Denise would like to get something up and running soon for the grands registration.

Driver with cast rule – Denise stated the we need to clean up what we have out on line about drivers with cast rule. Matt will get it rewritten and send out to the board for approval. We will get it posted as soon as it is approved. And we need to make sure it gets into the rule book for next year.

Helmet Schedule- Matt would like to get a schedule out to the membership on the schedule for helmet replacement. He would like to have it 10 +1 year. This would let all the membership see when helmets are coming up to be replaced. We also need to put this in the rule book for the members. Denise told Matt to go ahead and get something written up and we will post it to the website for everyone to see. Then we will get it into the book this fall.

Dirt Spec Tire Committee – Matt will be heading up the dirt tire committee. Denise just got him the list of people that is interested in being on this committee. Matt will send them all an email and then follow up with a Conference call. Denise asked if he could hold that call next week to get things moving on it.

Committee – Matt asked about forming a committee for allowing tracks to try different rules and tracks. Matt feels that we need to allow the tracks to test different rules so they have information when it comes to the rule change proposals. Denise asked how he would form this committee. He stated it could be a couple board members some RD’S. Jerry stated that we have a rule book and we need to follow what is in the rule book. Ginny feels that by doing this we could have every track doing something different and none of the kids are going to know what they are doing from track to track. Matt feels that the RCP process doesn’t work because there are too many RCP’s that get voted down. He feels that the clubs are not being heard. Jerry stated that a lot of the RCP’s that are being submitted are not rules they are procedures. And it is voted on by 13 Rd’s that are voting for their clubs. Ginny stated once we as a board hears that a club has created their own rules. We need to notify them and let them know that we heard that they were running different rules and would like to see that they follow QMA rules. If we get complaints from members do to a club running different rules we as a board need to address it. Matt feels that each track should be allowed to make changes at their own club as long as it is not a safety concern. The problem with that is the insurance company insures what is in our rule book. Matt stated it doesn’t say they can’t do it in the rule book. Denise stated that the implication of a rule book is if it isn’t in the book doesn’t mean you can.

Honda list Denise stated that she did get the list from Honda and she will send it out to the board.

Grands – Ginny asked if we are printing the grand boxes for the clubs. Denise asked Ginny to get some prices and send out to the board.

Ginny asked what we were going to tell St, Coix about their Sunday A- Mains?  Sunday is used as a rain date and a travel date for people to travel back home. Denise will tell St Croix that they need to move  a-mains to Saturday. Ginny thinks we need to give St Croix some extra help beings that have never hosted a grands before and they are already behind on things.

Silver City – Have we heard anything from Silver City? Denise stated she has not heard anything.

Dunlop Contract – Ginny asked if we have the Dunlop contract signed and back yet. Micheal stated that we have not received it back yet and we did not receive the last Quarter Check yet either. Micheal said that Jim said that he mailed to us and we should be getting it any day. We need to get a hold of him and get that contract signed and back to us. Kristen stated we need to be sure that we have a time line in the contract as to when these payments are to be made. Denise asked how long are we going to wait to get this contract back. Denise stated this is concerning when we can’t get the signed contract back. How are we going to depend on him at the track if he can’t fulfill his current obligations. Ginny feels QMA needs to be the ones selling the tires at he grands we are loosing too much money by allowing him to sell them. Denise stated that she has not seen one person complain about the cost of the tires on the survey monkey. Denise stated we need to plan on selling the tires ourself  and not worry about it. Denise asked Micheal to get a hold of Dunlop and check on the contract.

QMA Brochure-  Kristen is working on the brochure and will get it out to look at.

Head RD Position – We need to finalize the guideline. Denise and Micheal will work on this and get to the RD’s before the next RD’s call.

Tech Manuals – Jerry asked Micheal when the tech manuals will be posted to the web site. Micheal stated the he needs to give Art his level back so he can help him out with posting stuff like that. Micheal stated that is is not as easy as you think it is. There are a lot of different programs that must be used and he has not done any of them yet. Denise told Micheal to go ahead and give Art his level and she trusts Micheal to monitor it.

Letter – Matt asked about the letter that we received. The problem with this letter is it is not signed by a member and we all feel any letter that we receive that is not signed by the members we should not even look at. If they truly have a problem, then the member needs to sign their letter so we have a person to get in contact with.

Called ended at 9:00 cst

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