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National Board Call 3/7/2017

Posted by Ginny Barnard on 5/1/2017 11:52:45 AM

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National Board Call    3-7-2017

Submitted By

Ginny Barnard

Start Time 8:30 cst

Present on Call

President – Denise Smutny                   Tech – Jerry Mostek

VP – Micheal Hughes                             Safety- Matt Hickox

Secretary – Ginny Barnard                    Publicity – Kristen Spicola

Treasurer -April Hansard


Denise asked if everyone had heard about the shortage of tires.

Matt asked what was the status of the tires. What is the time frame of getting them? Micheal stated that they have already in breach of contract due to we not received the last quarter from last years check. Micheal did contact him on this and Jim told him that they did mail the check, but they sent it to the old address and he was trying to track it and re-route it to the new P.O Box. Denise has been already in contact with an attorney to get something written up to send to Russell Karting. There is a 30 day notice in the contract and Denise feels we need to start that process just in case we run into a problem. What are we going to do if that shipment doesn’t come in within a month. And does he have more tires ordered coming in behind these. Jerry stated as bad as he doesn’t want to say it, but Hoosier may be our only option to fall back on for this short notice would be a Hoosier. But we still need to get a hold of Vega and Burris to find to find out if they would still honor their proposal that they offered at the meeting. Denise stated that we have clubs that are getting ready to race and we need to know what to tell them. Jerry asked Micheal to get a list of dealers from Dunlop that have tires for sale. Kristen agreed with Jerry on Hoosier is going to have tires in stock for us to use as a temporary tire till we get the Dunlops in. Matt asked if someone should call Hoosier to see if they have enough in stock.

Denise stated, we don’t want it out that QMA can't fulfill their membership needs. Ginny will get back to Nicol from Orange Show and tell her that Stanley Racing has tires.


Denise asked if we really want to sign a contract with someone that has already behind on payments and has no tires in stock.

Jerry stated that we can’t open up the tire rule to just anything by doing that it will create a big problem. Denise stated that she would get a hold of Vega to see what they may have in stock. Matt stated that there are too many clubs that depend on that money.

We will post who has  tires for sales as we find out.

Micheal came on the call Denise filled Micheal in on what we were talking about. Micheal feels that if we need to fall back on a tire that Hoosier may be the way to go for the rest of this year.  Hoosier will not give us any money and that will be hard for the clubs. Matt stated once again the clubs are depending on that money for insurance. Micheal stated that there is no guarantee that the money will be there for the next year agreement.

Micheal will get in contact will Jim and set up a conference call with him and the Board.

Kristen said we need to be sure we get the information out to the members as soon as possible.

Call end at 8:59 cst

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