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How to Log In, Out and Validate

Once your membership is Validated on line, you will have greater access to may areas on the website, but you must first Log In. Before you begin, you will need your QMA Member ID, the eight digit number printed on your ID card and your password. If you have just validated, your password will be E-Mailed to you shortly.

Log In

Step 1. Click the [Log In] link on the Home Page, located at the far left of the red Menu Bar.
Step 2. Enter your QMA Member Number if the space provided.
Step 3. Enter your password. If you can not remember your password you can click the Forgotten Password link and it will be E-Mailed to you. If you are not yet Validated follow the link to Register. If you feel like you have done everything correctly, but are still having trouble, you can open a diagnostics page which can be copied and sent to the webmaster to help identify the problem.
Step 4. Select either Primary Member or Members Spouse. This tells the website which record to use to verify the password.
Step 5. Click [Login] You will be redirected back to the Home Page. At the top of the page it should say Welcome, (Your Name!).
Step 6.
Look for the Member Module, typically found in the left column, second box down. This module will contain information specific to you, such as outstanding tasks, membership reminders and links to administrative areas of the site. In the Admin areas, you can change your password, view information about you account and access the Administrative Control Panel, if your permissions allow it.

Log Out

Logging out is very easy; just click the [Log Out] link in the red Menu bar on the Home Page. You can be certain you are logged out when the Welcome, (Your Name!) message is replaced with 'Full Throttle Excitement'
To erase all traces of your login, including the QMA cookies, log in and click either the [My Admin] link in the Member Module or select  [Help -> About -> My Account] from the Menu bar on the Home Page. Scroll down to Cookie Tools and located the Member Cookie section the click the [Delete] button.


There are several ways to Validate your membership. The first step is to get to the QMA Home Page. Click the [Login] link in the red menu bar at the top of the page. This will open the Member Log In page, and is where you can recover your password if you don't know it. (A random password was assigned when your membership was entered in our system). Next to the [Recover Password] link is another link to [Check Your QMA Status]. Follow that link and reenter your QMA member number. On the next page you will see a link to [Validate Your Membership] if you are not already validated.

The simpler way is to enter your Member number, password and Member/Spouse details and click [Login] from the Member Login page. This will return you to the QMA Home Page. The top left box is the Members Module and will display your name and pertinent membership info. From there you will see any member specific actions you need to complete, such as Validating your membership. Also in that module is an [About Me] link that will display all your database info, and should be reviewed for completeness and correctness, as typographical errors do occur.

After you complete all your work, you should log out, then log back in again. This will set all your preferences on our system and write a cookie to your computer to store your settings.

Getting Help

Verify your e-mail address, QMA Member ID and online settings.

If you encounter any problems logging in or need assistance using the Control Panel or any of its tools, please submit a support ticket from the Help menu on the Home Page. I will be glad to assist you.


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